Friday, January 07, 2005

IT Needs More Electricity!

After several very special issues this morning, I have discovered what IT professionals really need to keep their users in line. We need to further utilize electrical currents in order to improve user comprehension. Something along these lines:

The user decides to take a break to browse the internet, nothing against company policy, just a quick check of personal emails and a couple news sites. The user tugs gently at their new ITFury collar ®, adjusting it slightly. Suddenly they remember that they need to randomly browse dangerous websites for no reason whatsoever and attempt to infect their machine with popup ads and spyware. Just as they reach their mouse, moving the cursor onto a link that will undoubtedly bring their computer to a screeching halt, their eyes bulge, they convulse with no control of limbs or muscles.
Looking at the desktop of another user on his own computer, the IT guy smiles as the mouse thrashes across the screen this way and that. Never is life so satisfying as when others are learning valuable lessons from you, and this is most certainly one of the most satisfying methods of instruction. Turning from his screen, the IT guy smiles and says "Thank you ITFury ® for helping me teach my users proper, safe browsing habits."


Blogger Karry said...

LOL I too have wished for a shock collar on my clients sometimes, particularly the dumb ones who glom onto you and WONT GO AWAY. Too funny.


10:12 PM  

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